What DYNAMO did…You Wont Believe


I’m guessing that you’ve heard of the name Dynamo, otherwise known as Stephen Frayne to his friends. I’ll call him Dynamo, as I wouldn’t wish to be so presumptious. His star is shining bright as it has been for a number of years, over several TV specials with his show Dynamo – Magician Impossible. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Dynamo hit the streets running. Just like the Fiat x500, his carreer, appeared out of nowhere.

Or so you would think.

After years of ligging and blagging, and downright hard work, he started to gain some traction on this new fangled thing called YouTube. And with the help of £60,000 from the Princes Trust to make a demo DvD of his magic, appealing to a certain type of music lover and festival goer, he would be found backstage, entertaining big name band, cast and crew, and kicking ass.

All the whilst, being videotaped, which then would find it’s way to youtube.

...a series was created around him.

Whether, it was this DvD, or his YouTube stuff that got him noticed by small production company, a series was created around him. As Dynamo came to more popularity, it is to the chagrin of magic and magicians, that some started to pull him down, citing various ‘unethical’ uses of camera, staging, stooges, and other non – realtime effects and routines.

As to whether or not you like his style and production, is moot.

He is the one out there doing what he does,taking action, and creating soomething that has gravitas, power, and skill. Ive seen him grow from sharing a stage with him during a competition run by Interntional Magic, a shop in Clerkenwell Road, Faringdon, London, and watched him workshop some ideas whilst at Magic Corner in Covent Garden London.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about Dynamo. Here’s the first video that he did for the Fiat 500X…a sign of things to come.


Due to the ease of which video is now shared, information is disseminated, and advertising is done, Dynamo and his production team have created a huge impact with the magic that he does. All of which does not take away from the practice, and talent that he has of himself.

Am I jealous…nope. Am I critical of his use of ‘other’ techniques, to accomplish some of the effects he does, nope. Am I chuffed to see someone grow in popularity because of the hard graft that he has put in, create a different feel from many others doing ‘street’ magic, and be the success that he is. You betcha.

None can be another Dynamo, and whilst there are similarities to Chris Angel (some effects are the same between the two performers), and David Blaine, but for me, Dynamo has a completely different feel and edge to any of the other popular magicians out there today.

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James James



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