Illusionists 1903 – Charlie Frye – The Eccentric



Charlie Frye:  Entertainer, juggler, performer, magician, artiste, and multi talented, Charlie Frye has skills I cannot comprehend. Must have taken him a looooong time to get this good.There are skills he has that you dont see.

Sherry Frye: An integral part of Charlie Frye and Company, Sherry, puts up with his antics on stage with aplomb. Looking bored and just managing to deal with him, Sherry is the epitome of every young magicians partner.

Charlie Frye (& Company): As a company in of themselves Charlie and Sherry bring their wonderful performance to The Illusionists and the latest in the brand that is Illusionists 1903. Their particular style of presentation sits very well with the production and really isn't a stretch to adapt what they do for Illusionists 1903. From slapstick humour and stage presence, it's easy to see why Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, chose to have them in their latest production. Extracating himself from a linking ring routine that goews awry, to floating a full size (and heavy) bowling ball, to finishing with a juggling routine to put all others to shame, he and Sherry kept this reviewer laughing and amazed.

They obviously know what they are about and have worked hard to entertain thousands of people the world over. As the 'rapscallion' of the production, Charlie comes across as someone who is as amazed as the audience as to what happens. It feels like he is out of control in some way, and just manages to keep pace with the routines that he shares. But as you will realize, he, and Sherry, are totally in control.

As a street performer, and magician, I've seen many many MANY jugglers in mya travels, but none as 'holy sh*t balls', how the heck does he do that. During his final routine, he has quite a few false tabs. That is to say, you think that you've seen his finale, then he does something else, and something else again...brilliant scripting and blocking. All of which makes Charlie and Sherry, really stand out. Seriously scary skills. And yet again, a real plus for Illusionists 1903.

Although not mentioned in the video above, our next and penultimate review is for Armando Lucero. As a sleight of hand expert, it's not so much the skill you see, but the magid you feel.

 During the course of our reviews on Illusionitst 1903, we will be giving away our World Premier Souvenier Programs, and posters (ticket stubbs if you so desire also). So make sure to come back and view our other reviews. Weve put a lot of time into them, as we feel that the production that is Illusionists 1903, warrants the best that we can give, as it is a great testament to our art, that The Illusionists keeps on going and going...



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