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  • Q.MagicNews TeleVision. FREE! How?

    A.That’s a question that a lot of people ask. We know what we don’t want, and in turn, know what we want. After researching so many websites devoted to magic over the past 2 years, we see a very familiar trend. Lots of effects and routines for sale, and lots of banner advertising. We will have neither. We feel there are too much of them both. We do ‘get it’. Webspace, design and so on has to be paid for, as a business. That’s what we don’t want… What we DO want, is to be a leader in our field, that puts ideas, information, passion, and advice, before even thinking of turning a dollar. Money, and buying ‘stuff’, can be a barrier to getting involved and moving forward. We hope that you will find the latter to be in good measure here. In time, once we grow, we will be looking for an occasional sponsor for each episode, which will cover costs, but only take on said sponsor, if they have¬† a similar ethos to us.

  • Q.What about future episodes, what range of content will you have?

    A.We already have some surprises in the can, areas of content that we didn’t even think possible. We are busy building our cartoon focussing on the big three in magic. Magics’ ABC (can’t say too much about it for now, but it will be another game changer). We will also have worldwide reports from more respected leaders in our field, pitch reports, guest newsreaders, in depth, behind the curtain on some of the big magic companies, editorial comment, and you…our members, where there will be more opportunities for you to interact. All this, as well as NEWS REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS with a FREE monthly downloadable video tutorial

  • Q.You ran a competition a while ago. Did you give the prizes out. Will there be more competitions?

    A.For those who knew, James James, our presenter, gave away his busking rig (table, trolley, cups, balls, gazzo pouch, leather carry bag, and more) in a competition that ran almost 18months ago. It proved to be very successful, so yes there will be further competitions, with even bigger prizes. There is video of the handover of the prizes, and this will be aired when we next launch a MEGA competition.

  • Q.How did MagicNews Television come about?

    A.This could be a long answer, but we shall keep it brief. Basically after seeing so many bad videos teaching magic, wherein the ‘teacher’, should be learning, we thought about putting MagicNews TeleVision together. We had a drive and passion to merge our talents and skills with production, magic, and presenting to create what we feel is missing in our community. Also, being amazed at what the internet can do in connecting us all together.

  • Q.Why a 'membership site'. Why do we need to 'log in' to view MagicNews Television?

    A.We thought long and hard about this, and came to the conclusion that as we are continually putting a lot of time and energy into MagicNews TeleVision, we thought it a good choice to create a membership model. This also serves the purpose of making it a bit more exclusive. We didn’t just want to ‘put us out there’, and be just a bit of quiet amusement, our goal was, and is, to have you, our member, value our work, and also fell just that bit ‘special’ for being a member.

  • Q.Aren't there enough 'Magic Websites' out there already?

    A.Yes, is the simple answer. But they are all mostly engaged in a similar pattern. We know there are already a few ‘web based TV shows’ online, and we hope to complement them,¬† but still become a leader in our field. We wont have banner ads clogging up our page. We wont be selling you anything. The focus will be on being entertaining, educational, and informative.

  • Q.Desired goal of MagicNews Television?

    A.To be able to provide quality information, entertainment and education. Just like TV of old (which is now swamped with reality TV crap).

  • Q.You have had a couple of false starts. Will this be the same?

    A.No! We have at least 5 episodes, interviews, content, etc, already to go (with current news segments to be filled and edited in). So it could be said that we are ahead of our game.


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