Illusionists 2-0 Dr. Scott Lewis

The Hypnotist Dr. Scott Lewis


Say What! A hypnotist as part of the larger show that is Illusionists 2.0. Won’t this create an overun of sizeable proportions. Doesn’t a hypnotist have to take time to induct people,put them under that is, will a hypnotist add to the show…the answers…

YES, NO, YES and YES!!!

I thought it wierd that an ensemble show, like Illusionists 2.0 would have a hypnotist, as my understanding is that it does take time to put people under…so when could this be done.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s why Illusionists 2.0, as a show, rocks. Great organisation, planning, and scheduling in putting Dr. Scott Lewis, and his talents in Illusionists 2.0

I’ve worked with a hypnotist before, and marvelled at how they do, what they do… Dr. Scott Lewis raised the bar, and made for a great part in the show. As a performer myself, I tend to look at other aspects also, of any particular performance, how an artist stands, commands the stage, what are his or her mannerisms…how do they propoel their material along. But with Dr. Scott Lewis, I was smiiling too much to take all of that in.

And if you must know, the induction part of his performance, was all done during the interval. Obvious, when you think about it, but genius, if you think more about it.

Dr. Scott Lewis. as The Hypnotist, made Adelaides’ audience, laugh, smile, and have blast.


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The Illusionists, is playing from Jan 10th to 16th 2014 at The Sydney Opera House and more information can be gleaned HERE

Next post and review will be all about ‘The Futurist’ Adam Trent


Till then…

We have just heard the extremely sad news of Dr. Scott Lewis, who fell to his death whilst at his Sydney hotel.

We have found one of the many news stories relating to this, which can be found HERE

Words fail us, and our thoughts go to his family at this terrible time. So sad.


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