Illusionists 1903 Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Tass The Clairvoyants

ILLUSIONISTS 1903 Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Tass The Clairvoyants

Thommy Ten: A class act, winners of the  Austrian Champion of magic, and winners of the German Champions of mindreading. As said, a class act.

Amelie Van Tass: On equal par with Thommy Ten. Being able to discern what Thommy Ten holds in his hands whils blindfoled. A rare type of illuison going back decades.

The Clairvoyants: The Ilusionist brand has done it again, and sends you back in time with Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass. The Clairvoyants. A skill and style of presentation not readily seen in theatres on a regular basis. We're sure that Tim Lawson and Simon Painter, the producers of the Illusionists brand, had their 'pick', of who they wanted to fill this role, and chose wisely with Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass. In keeping with the oevre that is Illusionists 1903, they hit the mark extremely well. As all the artists in this third production of the brand do, they look and act the part of entertainers from that bygone era.

I must admit to not being an aficienado of mentalism or the clairvoyants for that matter, but my personal preferences dont come into it. As the Clairvoyants they did what it says on the tin, and as the short video above says, it was as if Amelie could read Thommys mind. As a working magician myself, I fall on my sword and will admit to not knowing how they did what they did.

Were they entertaining. Yes. Allthough as one of the acts that didn't pack the punch of say Rick Thomas, or Charlie Frye, they had a beautiful elegance about them. To watch them, you were transported back to a time of olde theatre, just before vaudeville. How the heck Amelie could discern what one of the audiences birthdays was, was well beyond my understanding. One would think that in closing the first half, their act lacked the punch that should send you out to the foyer, but again, the production that is Illusionists 1903 had it just right.

Would I pay to see a standalone show with them both? Well, after doing some research for this review, what they do in Illusionists 1903, is not all that they can. Winners of Austrian and German awards, they aptly and gracefully fill out the production of the show, and are a testament to the production values and capabilities of an ongoing brand.

Our next review features Charlie Frye, The Eccentric. Having had the opportunity to spend time , and interview him for an upcoming episode of MagicNews TeleVision, for theis reviewer, he was a highlight of the show. It may not be your highlight, but he was mine...

During the course of our reviews on Illusionitst 1903, we will be giving away our World Premier Souvenier Programs, and posters (ticket stubbs if you so desire also). So make sure to come back and view our other reviews. Weve put a lot of time into them, as we feel that the production that is Illusionists 1903, warrants the best that we can give, as it is a great testament to our art, that The Illusionists keeps on going and going...


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