Illusionists 1903 Production Review


Tim Lawson: As CEO of TML enterprises he is one of the producers that has helped in the resurgence of Magic in the theatre

Simon Painter: Creative producer and collaborator with Tim Lawson, who has helped make the Illusionists brand become successful 

Illusionists 1903 The Production: Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, in my view, have brought to bear a resurgence in the age old art of magic for the theatre. From the initial 'Illusionists', through 'Illusionists 2.0', and to its third element Illusionists 1903, they have made it possible for theatre goers, and lovers of magic, to experience productions that would not have otherwise been seen.

Yes, there are successful magicians out there, and have great production shows, some of which are in various productions of the Illusionists brand. Shows, that are exciting to see, and witness.

The Illusionists brand goes further, and has travelled extensively, internationally, giving work to great performers, and amazing magic to their audiences. 

Illusionists 1903, in of itself, is an opulent, sumptuous, and exciting production that takes you back to the early 20th century. From costuming, to stage setting, and dynamic performances from all concerned, it truly is a great show to see.

These guys know their stuff. As producers of shows, outwith magic, they are professionals, and know how to create, produce, and market great theatre. With Illusionists 1903, they have made great choices in the cast. Kalin and Jinger, Charlie Frye (& Company), Armando Lucero, Jonathan Goodwin, Thommy Tess and Amelie Van Tass, and Rick Thomas,  all sync together to make Illusionists 1903 a show that you will remember for some time to come.

Yes, there may be glitches in production on the night, but at the very core of what they have produced, is a show which will travel and be seen by many people around the world.

Illusionists 1903


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