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Mark Kalin: Moving from intimate sleight of hand magic, to large scale Illusions has helped put Mark Kalin at the top of his game. As can be seen during the run of Illusionists 1903.

Jinger Leigh: Dancing from the age of 15, Jinger Leigh has helped create the dynasty that is Kalin and Jinger. A powerful performer, who has such presence on stage with Illusionists 1903.



Mark Kalin, and Jinger Leigh, have created a special place in the annals of magic, with their particular presentations around the world. As part of the original Illusionists a few years ago, where they dumbfounded, amazed, and entertained, they've come back to transport you to a bygone era, where magic was at the top of the playbill, in any reputable theatre.

Together, and apart, they both have superb stage presence, affability, power, and ability to have what you see...believe.

With an excellent twist on one of the classics of magic (sawing a lady in half), as well as creating such intimacy during a group parlour setting, they are a valuable part of the whole effect that is Illusionists 1903. Attired in costuming that has anticedance in the past, designed with a modernisitc brush, as well performing incredible illusions, they had the gasps, applause, and amazement of the audience.

Mark Kalin has rightly been one of the most influential magicians of the last decade. Amazing Illusions, performed from Casino stages, television, and his own experimental theatre in Reno Nevada. With skills in sleight of hand, and now gracing big stages with the talented Jinger Leigh, he is one part of a grwoing dynasty. As a magician, performer and entertainer, I have heard his name for many a year, and always look out for an opportunity to see him perform.

As it goes with Jinger Leigh. Not one to be a sidekick in a duo act, Jinger has a quality all of her own. We're thinnking her poise, comes from years as a dancer, working alongside many greats (watch video above). Its not just poise. It's panache, and as said, savoir faire. A great combination, when it comes to having a paying audience enjoy a production such as Illusionists 1903.

To be part of Illusionists, from the start, (the first Illusionists), says much about the quality of their particular skills, and performances.

As part of a series of reviews, our next one, for you to enjoy is all about Rick Thomas. Funny, debonair, and amazing.

It was during the first Illusionists, that good family friends managed to sit with them and interview Mark and Jinger, for an upcoming epsiode of MagicNews TeleVision. One of the young interviewers, Calin, (as strange as it is), has entered a competition to find Adelaides' Youngest Illusionist. Yes we know it's a bit of marketing from The Adelaide Festival Centre for Illusionists 1903, and we reckon it's a good idea. Anything that supports youngsters in our art of magic, is a boon. As they are the future performers of tomorrow. Having said that though, Calin is already out there performing and busking. As an international young magician, he has worked alongside some of the performers from Illusionists 2.0 Luis De Matos, and Aaron Crow.

It would be a big plus for the entrants if you could take time to click on the image below, and cast a vote. They all deserve attention and good luck to them. I would like to say vote for Calin, he is lagging in the votes, but I will leave that to your conscience, as they all have skills.

Screen shot 2015-01-12

Adelaides Young Illusionist

To help promote Illusionists 1903 hitting Adelaide, the festival center has created a competition to find Adelaides youngest Illusionist. The final three entrants are all good, and still need your votes. Takes but a minute to vote. As Ive seen Calin work, I know he has chops, and performing presence, which all goes to making a young illusionist, but dont let my knowledge of how good he is, sway you from voting for the other two entrants, who have chops.


During the course of our reviews on Illusionitst 1903, we will be giving away our World Premier Souvenier Programs, and posters (ticket stubbs if you so desire also).  So make sure to come back and view our other reviews. Weve put a lot of time into them, as we feel that the production that is Illusionists 1903, warrants the best that we can give, as it is a great testament to our art, that The Illusionists keeps on going and going...




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