Illusionists 1903 Jonathan Goodwin


Jonathan Goodwin: An escapologist, daredevil, and performer from the UK,challenges himself and serious injury, to bring his patently particular presentations to Illusionists 1903.

The Challenges: Being buried alive, hanging from his toes from a helicopter, being hanged, set on fire, attacked by sharks, and risking his very life to bring you extreme performances

Jonathan Goodwin: What can you say about a guy who risks his life and serious injury to bring you gasps, incredulity, and amazement. Nothing really, other than, I'm glad it's him, and not me. For Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, as the producers for Illusionists 1903, to include the particular art and presentation that Jonathan Goodwin, as 'The Daredevil', is a stroke of genius.

Jonathan has the presence of someone who knows the risks he takes, and jumps right in, with seemingly no care for his safety. As a very welcome addition to the brand that is The Illusionists, he (as does everyone in the cast), commands the space he is in. Even with a minor glitch with a microphone, (and resolved so matter of factly by Jinger Leigh) he could be heard and understood, inside the large theatre that is QPAK in Brisbane.

Escaping upside down form a straight jacket is a feat of endurance and danger when done outside suspended high enough to die, should you fall.

I remember seeing Jonathan on the telly in the UK in 2005 (Dirty Tricks), and bumped into him at the London Magic Circle, many years later, when his star was truly in the ascendant. To see a live performance, in the flesh, so to speak, after just watching him on the telly, was a big moment. One which he did not waste, and kicked proverbial butt.

Our next review of Illusionists 1903 will be all about 'The Clairvoyants', Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass...also, be sure to keep watching, as we have a couple of Souvenir Premiere Programmes to give away...

As part of the marketing and advertising push that the Adelaide Festival Center is engaged in, to promote Illusionists 1903, there is a competition running to find Adelaides Youngest Illusionist. Please take time to visit the page (click on the image below) and vote. Our favourite is Calin, as we know he has worked alongside some of the cast of the very first Illusionists, and also interviewed Kalin and Jinger (for an upcoming episode of MagicNews TeleVision). All of the entrants are worthy of your consideration, as its evident the amount of work they have put in.

Screen shot 2015-01-12

Adelaides Young Illusionist

To help promote Illusionists 1903 hitting Adelaide, the festival center has created a competition to find Adelaides youngest Illusionist. The final three entrants are all good, and still need your votes. Takes but a minute to vote. As Ive seen Calin work, I know he has chops, and performing presence, which all goes to making a young illusionist, but dont let my knowledge of how good he is, sway you from voting for the other two entrants, who have chops.

During the course of our reviews on Illusionitst 1903, we will be giving away our World Premier Souvenier Programs, and posters (ticket stubbs if you so desire also). So make sure to come back and view our other reviews. Weve put a lot of time into them, as we feel that the production that is Illusionists 1903, warrants the best that we can give, as it is a great testament to our art, that The Illusionists keeps on going and going...


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