Illusionists 1903 Armando Lucero The Maestro

ILLUSIONISTS 1903 Armando Lucero The Maestro

Armando Lucero: In one word SUBLIME. In many words…Blooming nora, how the heck does he do what he does.

Skill and talent: Although he has skill not seen so much, it’s not that, which makes Armando great. Its the magic he shares.

Armando Lucero: Having heard of Armando a few years ago, I never would have thought to have the opportunity to witness first hand the magic that he does.  As someone who knows a bit about sleight of hand, (but in no way all that is possible), I was floored by his skill, and routines. More importantly, though, in a production like Illusionists 1903, I was swept away by the magic that he shared. The skill that he so obviously has, was not what I felt.

With a seemingly nonchalant presentational style, coins disappeared and reappeared under cards on the table, and seemed to do his bidding. How could all of this be viewed, you may ask, in a theatre production as big as Illusionists 1903...By the use of an olde worlde projection screen, (which is used to good effect during the run of the show).

Appearing several times throughout the production and show, he entertained with some classic material, done in his own inimitable style, and whilst (on the night we were there), part of it lacked a punch, he more than made up for it with the magic that he performed. As I mentioned in previous a previous review of Illusionists 2.0 and Yu Ho Jin, to be able to entertain and amaze a whole theatre of people with sch small props, speaks volumes about the confidence he has in his material.

An absolute joy to watch and be there for. How he did what he did, I have no clue. Did I enjoy it. Yes. all the more, in not knowing how it all worked.

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