Predominantly as a BUSKER, for over 16 years, and knowing what has gone into making it possible to earn a living from the streets, with a show learned from the one and only Gazzo, it ticks me off that some see it as ‘begging’.

To be successful as a busker, you learn not just the mechanics of your routines, but the psychology of crowd dynamics, as well as audience management.

Begging, can be the fall, or choice of those who are struggling in life and have no other recourse, to ‘get’ money, in order to live. Society often looks down on beggars, and doesn’t know what brought that person there.

I, as you, cannot realise what may have brought someone to the streets to beg for money. What has gone on in their lives and pushes them to struggle.


Buskers have been around for centuries, entertaining people with their skills, panache, routines, and shows, for years. To do so, takes a certain degree of skill and determination. To do so, requires a certain amount of confidence. To do so, requires a mindset that spits in the face of 'security'. And by doing so, the rewards far outweigh working a regular job, or 'begging'.

With a show, you are providing something (albeit ethereally) of value. At transitory space, where an audience (of disparate people), grows together to share a show that they would not have thought to see. Begging on the other hand, is just asking people for money (mostly). I'm sure you can see the difference. Intelligent people ususally can.

After many years of working the streets, earing a living, paying my taxes and risking my 'security', it just ticks me off that some look at it and think...beggar, lowlife, unwashed scum, tax dodgr, dole bludger. They know not of my story. Ultimately though, I really don't give a rats arse, what others think, as through what I do, makes me happy. I get to travel, earn a quietly modest living, thumb my nose at 'the establishement', and can laugh in the face of those who think I am begging.

If only those that think so, would ge off their own arse and try the same. It takes a special kind of determination to be successful at it. Not many can.

Anyway, beofre I go off on a rant, I'd really like to hear what your thoughts in and around this are...please join the conversation below.





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