What DYNAMO did…You Wont Believe

I’m guessing that you’ve heard of the name Dynamo, otherwise known as Stephen Frayne to his friends. I’ll call him Dynamo, as I wouldn’t wish to be so presumptious. His star is shining bright as it has been for a number of years, over several TV specials with his show Dynamo – Magician Impossible. Seemingly…

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illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903 Production Review

Illusionists 1903 The Production: Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, in my view, have brought to bear a resurgence in the age old art of magic for the theatre. From the initial ‘Illusionists’, through ‘Illusionists 2.0’, and to its third element Illusionists 1903, they have made it possible for theatre goers, and lovers of magic, to experience…

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armando lucero the maestro illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903 Armando Lucero The Maestro

Armando Lucero: Having heard of Armando a few years ago, I never would have thought to have the opportunity to witness first hand the magic that he does.  As someone who knows a bit about sleight of hand, (but in no way all that is possible), I was floored by his skill, and routines. More importantly,…

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Illusionists 1903 – Charlie Frye – The Eccentric

  Charlie Frye (& Company): As a company in of themselves Charlie and Sherry bring their wonderful performance to The Illusionists and the latest in the brand that is Illusionists 1903. Their particular style of presentation sits very well with the production and really isn’t a stretch to adapt what they do for Illusionists 1903. From slapstick…

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Clairvoyants splash

Illusionists 1903 Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Tass The Clairvoyants

The Clairvoyants: The Ilusionist brand has done it again, and sends you back in time with Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass. The Clairvoyants. A skill and style of presentation not readily seen in theatres on a regular basis. We’re sure that Tim Lawson and Simon Painter, the producers of the Illusionists brand, had their…

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Jonathan Goodwin Illusionists 1903

Illusionists 1903 Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin: What can you say about a guy who risks his life and serious injury to bring you gasps, incredulity, and amazement. Nothing really, other than, I’m glad it’s him, and not me. For Simon Painter and Tim Lawson, as the producers for Illusionists 1903, to include the particular art and presentation that Jonathan…

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Rick Thomas

Illusionists 1903 RICK THOMAS

  Rick Thomas, headline magician and Illusionist in Las Vegas, five world tours in over 50 countries, prestigious awards, various television appearances, and commanding presence, cuts an awesome figure during the run of Illusionists 1903. Its obvious that Rick knows what he is doing, after over 600 hundred shows a year for 15 years in…

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